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Trayce Madre Beauty

Trayce Madre, a 20+ year veteran in the beauty industry, boasts an impressive portfolio of work featured on renowned platforms such as BET, ABC, NBC, Sophisticates Black Hair, Essence, and many others. With an impressive roster of celebrity clients, including Michelle Williams, Beverly Johnson, Angela Simmons, Paris Hilton, Ivy McGregor (the philanthropist associated with BEYONCE), and Val Warner, Trayce Madre's expertise is well-acknowledged. As a VIP Client, you can relish the luxury experience she offers, or bring her premium beauty products into the comfort of your own home.



Indulge in opulence with exclusive, by-appointment-only hair care by Celebrity Stylist/Trichologist Trayce Madre. Elevate your tresses to new heights!


Luxury Vegan Growth Hair Care

Welcome to the epitome of hair care luxury! Experience next-level results with our hormone and harsh chemical-free products, enriched with premium vegan ingredients. Embrace your natural beauty, whether you wear wigs, weaves, or braids, and enter a state of pure euphoria as your hair flourishes and grows. Our meticulously crafted formulas ensure that your tresses receive the utmost care, providing you with a regal experience like no other. Join the league of empowered individuals who celebrate their locks with confidence and radiance. Order now and unlock the secret to a truly lavish hair journey!

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