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The Trayce Madre Show
Podcast | TV Coming This Spring

Welcome to "The Trayce Madre Show," a captivating journey into the world of a 7-figure serial entrepreneur. With 24 years of experience in sales, marketing, and psychology, Trayce Madre is a visionary wearing multiple hats—TV Show host, Luxury Product Developer, Business Strategist, and Celebrity Stylist. Her signature coaching program, "The BLUEPRINT," emphasizes strategic skills for 7-figure success. Collaborating with A-List celebrities and gracing top magazines, Trayce's influence extends to mainstream media and Times Square. This podcast, beyond showcasing her triumphs, delves into both


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Get me luxurious multi-textural hair care with high grade vegan ingredients shipped right to your home.


Become an Extension Client

Trayce Madre is an in demand Luxury Celebrity Extension Specialist located in downtown Naperville IL. Her clients travel from out of state and from the Chicago Area. She only works with clients interested in hair growth and proper care while being serviced in an upscale environment. Consultation required as a care regimen to make sure you are matched with the proper technique and hair selection. Techniques: 6 Level Madre Sew In System, K-Tips, Microlink Wefts, Tape Ins.


Trayce Madre

Meet Trayce Madre, the dynamic force behind "The Trayce Madre Show" — a captivating voyage into the life of an accomplished 7-figure serial entrepreneur, visionary, and trailblazer. Armed with 24 years of entrepreneurial acumen and a rich background in sales, marketing, and psychology, Trayce is a versatile powerhouse donning multiple roles.

As a TV Show host, Luxury Product Developer, Business Strategist, and Celebrity Stylist, Trayce's influence reverberates through her groundbreaking coaching program, "The BLUEPRINT." This signature initiative is meticulously designed to propel service professionals' brands to a prestigious 7-figure status, showcasing Trayce's strategic prowess in order, planning, and execution.

Trayce's stellar career has witnessed collaborations with A-List celebrities, including Michelle Williams, Angela Simmons, and Beverly Johnson, earning her recognition on the covers of renowned magazines, features in Forbes, and the coveted Naperville Magazine. Her media footprint extends to popular shows like Biggest Loser, Steve Harvey, and Windy City Live, along with prominent features on BET, NBC, ABC, and Essence.

A true trailblazer, Trayce's work has not only graced the iconic Times Square but also made its mark on the e-commerce giant,, where her luxury vegan multi-textural hair care line stands testament to her innovative approach.

"The Trayce Madre Show" transcends the boundaries of a traditional success showcase; it is your go-to guide on replicating triumphs in your business. Brace yourself for an immersive journey, unlocking strategies, insights, and inspiration that will propel you towards the pinnacle of 7-figure success. Welcome to The Trayce Madre Show — where success isn't just spoken; it leaves a blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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In 2024 the Trayce Madre Beauty Brand is Expanding

Our Licensure and Franchise Program is coming for licensed cosmetologist

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