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Allow me to introduce myself


A Journey of Luxury and Excellence

Trayce Madre is  an accomplished serial entrepreneur and visionary trailblazer. With over two decades of experience in the opulent industry, Trayce's name resonates with distinction and brilliance.

From her earliest ventures in beauty, health, and real estate, Trayce left an indelible mark, carving a path of success admired by many. Renowned publications like Forbes Magazine, Essence, and Naperville Magazine have acknowledged her prowess, showcasing her unwavering dedication to excellence.

A charismatic presence on popular shows like The Steve Harvey Show, Windy City Live, and The Biggest Loser, Trayce's infectious energy and wisdom have captivated audiences worldwide.  But her impact extends beyond entertainment; she has graced an impressive list of celebrity clients, including Angela Simmons, Michelle Williams, Paris Hilton, Drew Sidora, Common, Beverly Johnson, K. Michelle, Ivy McGregor (the esteemed philanthropist associated with BEYONCE), and Val Warner.

As a visionary business leader, Trayce's journey took her to new heights. Expanding her vegan product line, she conquered e-commerce, scaling globally on across Canada, Mexico, and the US. Within a remarkably short time, her brand forged a coveted partnership with, a testament to her business acumen. Today, Trayce and the Restore brand have triumphed, securing a substantial contract to make Walmart's warehouse the gateway to ship 90% of her exceptional products.


Beyond accolades and success, Trayce Madre's ultimate mission shines through - to inspire a billion women, guiding them to embrace the soft life, adorned with top-tier experiences. With a track record that shines like a beacon and an unwavering spirit, Trayce Madre stands as a force to be reckoned with, an inspiration to women everywhere. Experience the extraordinary journey of luxury and excellence with Trayce Madre, and be empowered to embark on your own path to greatness.

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